October 2018

A Redding Employees’ Association Board Meeting was held on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 in the Executive Conference Room at City Hall. President Chris Glover opened the meeting at 12:20PM.

Roll Call

Board Members present were: President Chris Glover, Vice-President Trisha Oliphant, Treasurer Sonja McKinney, and Secretary Mieke Sheffield
Directors at Large: Jenny Hui, Ana Gilliland, and Margaret Yarnell
Member(s): Natasha Rose, Elizabeth Saechao, and Michelle Kempley

Approval of Minutes

Trisha O. made a motion to approve the minutes of the September meeting as submitted by Mieke S. and published in the September Grapevine. Margaret Y. seconded the motion.
The Vote: Unanimous YES

Approval of Treasury Report

There was no Treasury Report this month – bank statement had not arrived.
The Vote: Unanimous YES

Old Business

  • Brewery Event (Recap): 32 REA members with family and friends attended. REA had purchased $350 in Final Draft gift certificates. The leftover $30 gift certificate will be used as a raffle prize for the Hoedown Christmas Party.
  • Christmas Party – Hoedown (Update): Flyer announcing the event is done. Majority of details have been worked out. Michelle K. is researching DJ options. Karaoke will start at 9pm. Cost is $15/person for current (at time when flyer is posted) REA member and 1 guest. $40 for all other tickets.
  • Halloween Kids’ Party: Flyer announcing the event is done. Meet in City Hall lobby on 10/31/18 at 3:45pm. REA is providing the candy to all Departments. At this time 13 Departments are participating. Mieke S. made a motion for a budget of $350 to purchase candy. Different types of candy will be purchased. Ana G. seconded the motion.

    The Vote: Unanimous YES

  • Spring Event: Trisha O. is looking into organizing a food truck/family day at the bicycle park in Caldwell Park sometime in March/April 2019.
  • Kids’ Christmas Party: Rare Air was contacted…only Sunday evenings are available. Decision was made to inquire further on cost and provide jumping, pizza, salad, and soda to participants. Crafts would not be featured at this event to keep down cost.

New Business

  • Wine & Paint Event: Mieke S. will look into organizing a Wine & Paint Event around Valentine’s Day.
  • Grapevine Ads/Retirees: Michelle K. requested that all Grapevine ads and retiree memberships be funneled through her. Michelle K. has cleaned up the lists associated with Grapevine advertisements and retiree memberships

* REA members can continue to submit nominations to Chris G. Positions will be voted on at the December REA meeting.


The meeting was adjourned by President Chris Glover at 12:59PM The next meeting will be held at noon on Tuesday, November 12, 2018 in the Executive Conference Room on the third floor at City Hall.