March 2018

A Redding Employees’ Association Board Meeting was held on Tuesday, March 13th 2018 in the Executive Conference Room at City Hall.
President Chris Glover opened the meeting at 12:12 PM.

Roll Call

Board Members present were: President Chris Glover, Treasurer Sonja McKinney, Secretary Mieke Sheffield, and Directors at Large Jenny Hui, Ana Gilliland, and Margaret Yarnell.
Members: Michelle Kempley, Josh Watkins, Marty Wayne, Larry Bettes, Erica Thomas, Heather Gustafson, and Brittanie Brecheen.

Approval of Minutes

Sonja M. made a motion to approve the minutes of the February meeting as submitted by Mieke S. and published in the February Grapevine. Margaret Y. seconded the motion.
The Vote: Unanimous YES

Approval of Treasury Report

The Board reviewed the February Treasurer’s Report. Jenny H. made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Reports. Mieke S. seconded the motion.
The Vote: Unanimous YES

Old Business

  • Chinese New Year Luncheon (Recap): Jenny H. reported that everything went smoothly at the event. Attendance was low at 44. Final cost to REA was $225.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Attendees at the REA Board meeting stuffed the Easter eggs during the meeting.
    Event will be held on March 31, 2018 10AM (arrival 9:30AM) at Enterprise Park, upper area – RAIN OR SHINE.
    [ Click here for more information about this event ]
  • Non-Profit Renewal Forms (Update): Completed.
  • Wildcard/Fall River Brewery vs. Paint & Wine Event: A REA member had asked about the possibility of REA organizing another Paint & Wine event. The topic was discussed and consensus reached to proceed organizing a social event at a local brewery at this time. Another Paint & Wine event may be organized at a later time.
  • Website (Update): Discussed security options for the website and approval process to view pictures and other secure content. REA registered with GoDaddy to host the REA website for the next 3 years for $187.

New Business

  • REA Bank Account Debit Cards: Sonja M. will obtain debit cards for the current signatories on the REA checking account with Tri-Counties.
  • List of Retired, Active REA Members: Michelle K. will manage and send out annual renewal notices in November.
  • Vending Machine Contracts: The contracts with Glen-Pye Vending have expired, so Chris G is working on a renewal. Glen Pye Vending is no longer offering a profit-share to REA; however, REA will continue to handle the vendor contracts as a service to its members.
  • Summer Picnic: has been scheduled this year on Saturday Sep 8, 2:30PM at WaterWorks.


The meeting was adjourned by President Chris Glover at 12:45PM.
The next meeting will be held at noon on Tuesday, April 10th 2018 in the Executive Conference Room on the third floor at City Hall.