June 2018

A Redding Employees’ Association Board Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in the Executive Conference Room at City Hall. Vice-President Trisha Oliphant opened the meeting at 12:11PM.

Roll Call

Board Members present were: Vice-President Trisha Oliphant, Treasurer Sonja McKinney, Secretary Mieke Sheffield, and Directors at Large Jenny Hui and Ana Gilliland. Members: Michelle Kempley.

Approval of Minutes

Sonja M. made a motion to approve the minutes of the May meeting as submitted by Mieke S. and published in the May Grapevine. Jenny H. seconded the motion.
The Vote: Unanimous YES

Approval of Treasury Report

Jenny H. made a motion to approve the April and May Treasurer’s Reports. Trisha O. seconded the motion.

Old Business

  • REA Golf Tournament (Recap): 40 players (10 teams) participated in this event. 23 of the players were REA members. 1st place went to the team of Ken Hudson, Rick Mrofka, James Struble, & David Faganello; 2nd place to Rod Dinger, Larry Morgan, Jim Hamilton, & Stuart Zanni; 3rd place to Mike Chadwick, Todd Buck, Dennis Vasquez, & Jon Kenyon; KP3 to Gail Crowley; KP14 to Danny Smetak; KP17 to Heather Wilson; and Long Drive 6 & Long Drive 15 to Jesse Oster.
    The Vote: Unanimous YES
  • Website (Update): Non-REA members are not able to see the personal pictures posted to the website. Payment for dues is still arranged through Personnel; retired City personnel will need to contact Michelle K.
    The Vote: Unanimous YES
  • Summer Picnic (Update): Event is set for Sunday 8/19 from 4pm to 7pm at the Redding Aquatic Center. 27 people have RSVPd to date. Flyers advertising the event have been posted. REA Board voted to approve a budget not to exceed $2,000 for the event if up to 100 people RSVP, and a budget not to exceed $2,500 if over 100 people RSVP: Ana G. made a motion to approve the budget, Mieke S. seconded the motion.
    The Vote: Unanimous YES
  • Vending Machines Contract: Glen-Pye Vending submitted a draft contract, which was returned with a few edits. Glen-Pye also provided a new Certificate of Liability Insurance effective 5/31/18 to 5/30/19.
    The Vote: Unanimous YES
  • Brewery Event (Update): Tentatively set for early September 2018.
  • New Business

  • Tables for Patio Area: Mieke S. made a motion to approve the purchase 3 patio tables from Costco (approximately $50 each). Ana G. seconded the motion.
    The Vote: Unanimous YES * Trisha O. will confirm with Adam Whelen that there are no restrictions on placing tables on the patio area.
  • Christmas Party: Having a more casual event in late November was discussed, as the month of December is generally quite busy for people. Michelle K. will contact the Elks Lodge regarding availability.
  • Halloween Kids Party: An event coordinator is needed for this event. Please contact Chris G. if interested.
  • Adjournment

    The meeting was adjourned by Vice-president Trisha Oliphant at 1:06PM The next meeting will be held at noon on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 in the Executive Conference Room on the third floor at City Hall.